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High Temperature Bearing


6203 High Temperature Bearing 250 Degree

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  • Built-In Bearings Skateboarding

    608 Ceramic Built-In Bearings 608 RS with 6 PCS ceramic built in skate bearings are with six biger balls and strong nylon cage ,we can provide with customzied service and free samples can be provide before order . more

  • 6304ZZ High Temp Bearings

    6304ZZ High Temperature Bearings 20*52*15mm 6304 high temperature bearings are produce with high temperature steel and high temperature resistant grease at 350 °C ,free sample can be provide before order . more

  • 627 Skate Bearing

    ABEC-9 627RS Orange Skate Bearing 7*22*7mm Roller Skate Bearings are produce with high precisio nAVEC-9 Chrome steel Gcr15 ,and nylon cage ,one side with orange seal , we can provide with customized service ,free sample are available before order . more

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clipsahe, 6203 high temperature bearings mainly refer to the common bearing structure, using high temperature resistant materials, such as high temperature grease; and the bearing clearance is much larger than ordinary bearings , so it is usually not suitable for high speed operation, it is a high temperature low speed bearing. High temperature bearings are widely used in high temperature operation machinery such as metallurgy, kiln, glass, blast furnace, painting equipment.

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bitporno can working at 200°C Specification:
1)Bearing Material: Chrome steel Gcr15
2)Bearing Radial Clearance :C4
3)Bearing Grease:200°C high tempeture bearing POLYREX EM

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We also can be more higher temperature bearing with full ceramic,these bearing can work at temperature at  1200 ° C such as 608 high temp bearing with full ceramic ZRo2 .


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Waffle Roasting Machine Bearing
6205 Waffle Roasting Machine Bearing With 500 °C

clipsahe, 6205ZZ bearing size 25*52*30mm ,with ceramic balls and high temp alloy steel material,and we packed with Japan grease DOWCORNING grease can used in high temp area such as Waffle Roasting Machinery .

Bearing Temperature
6316 bitporno Temperature 500 °C With DOW CORNING Grease

6316 bitporno size is  80*170*39mm,we use high quality material alloy and Ceramic and packed with JAPAN brand grease DOW CORNING can work at temperature moer than 500 ° C。 ,jnyx maze

Full Ceramic Bearing R188
High Temperature Full Ceramic Balls Bearing R188

600 °C R188 Zro2 full balls ceramic bearing with size 6.35*12.7mm *3.18mm ,this bearing are produce with full balls ,and  with material ceramic ZrO2 and PTFE cage,which can working at temperature at 600 degree . ,suck me

High Temperature Ceramic Bearings
6302 High Temperature Ceramic Silicon Nitride Bearings

lirotica, 6302 full silicon nitride balls ceramic bearing with size 15*42*13mm ,this bearing are produce with full balls without any cage and with material ceramic ZrO2 and PTFE cage,which can working at temperature at 600 degree .

High Heat Bearings
608 High Temperature Ceramic Bearings With PEEK Seals

608 silicon nitrideballs ceramic bearing with size 8*22*7mm ,this bearing are produce with ceramic Si3N4 and PEEK Seals which can working at temperature at 800 degree . ,naughty moms

Silicon Carbide Bearings
6004 1300 Centigrade High Temperature Silicon Carbide Ceramic bitporno

sweet fuck, 6204 Ceramic bitporno with Material Silicon Carbide (SiC) And PTFE Cage Are Suitable for the Highest Temperature at 1300 Centigrade.

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