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Water Pump Bearing
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  • MR126 Bearings

    MR126 Miniature sex gals 6*12*4mm MR126 bearings are produce with Chrome steel and higher precision with low noise ,we have large stock ,free sample can be provide for test . more

  • 608 Skate Wheel Bearings

    608 Skipping Rope Bearings 8*22*7mm 608 bearings are produce with Chrome steel ,they are produce for Jump Rope Bearings ,we can provide free sample to test . more

  • S623 2RS  Bearings

    S623 2RS Fishing Reel Bearings 4*7*2.5mm MR74 bearings are produce with stainless steel 440 material ,we are produce bearings with high speed and low noise ,free sample can be provide before order . more

nude public, The automobile water pump bearing is shaft connecting  with bearing ,the material of bearing and shaft is Chrome steel Gcr15  ,the material of the cage is usually used by reinforced nylon 66. The material of the sealing ring is generally nitrile rubber. When the requirements are higher, the fluorine rubber sealing ring can also be used.

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